Easy, Inexpensive Holiday Gift Baskets

You've seen the expensive holiday goodie baskets; they're lavish and lovely.  But even if you choose the items to fill them with, they still seem mass-produced, impersonal...And you don't want that, not for your loved ones. Here are quick, easy, inexpensive gift basket ideas for anyone on your holiday shopping list. Read on...

Best Giving Tree and Toys for Tots Gifts

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is choosing gifts for the Marines Toys for Tots drive and church missions Giving Tree childrens' gifts. Here are best gifts for domestic and overseas missions, giving tree and Toys for Tots. Read on...

Free Printable 'Stone Soup' Activities to Teach Kids Sharing

The legend of "Stone Soup" is timeless. It's been retold many times, notably by Marcia Brown, Ann McGovern and Jon J. Muth. Stone Soup is sacred text in preschool and elementary classrooms. If you are teaching Stone Soup, here are free printable activities.  Read on

Thanksgiving Lessons for Children in Sharing and Friendship from 'Stone Soup'

'Stone Soup' is a wonderful old legend that has been retold most notably buy John J. Muth, Ann McGovern and Marcia Brown. You can make 'Stone Soup' with children in school or homeschool to teach them about sharing, giving and friendship. Perfect for holidays, especially Thanksgiving when we focus on the Puritan Pilgrims' relationship with the generous Native Americans. Free printable activities and recipes included. Read more

Fair Trade Gifts from Sustainable, Renewable Resources

Green, Sustainable, Fair Trade Holiday Gift-Giving Ideas
Whatever your religious views, if you participate in holiday gift-giving, why not consider giving green, eco-friendly, fair trade gifts this holiday season? Here gift-giving ideas from companies committed to using renewable, sustainable resources.
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Best Gifts to Fill Operation Christmas Child Boxes

Best Gifts to Fill Your Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Box
Looking for a great Christmas giving opportunity? Operation Christmas Child is a charitable giving outreach ministry of Samaritan's Purse. Each year OCC ships thousands of boxes children around the world. Here's a list gift suggestions to fill your box.
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How to Help Your Children Stay Safe With Bullies

How to Help Your Children Deal with Selfish Mean Kids
Every children's play group or social club has them. That one family that lets their children run wild. They behave as if their children can do no wrong. These children are hurtful. They don't play nice or fair. And mom is oblivious to them.
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How to Make a Day of the Dead Family Altar or Memorial Shrine

How to Make a Day of the Dead Family Altar or Memorial Shrine
Day of the Dead or 'Dia de los Muertos' is the Latino variation of the Catholic holy day of All Saints Day. Hispanic families gather to honor deceased family members. They also create family altars. Here's how to make a Day of the Dead memorial shrine.
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Best Toys and Gifts for Toy Drives and Toys for Tots

Best Toys to Donate for Toys for Tots and Giving Tree Childrens Christmas Gift Drive
One of my favorite parts of Christmas is choosing gifts for the Marines Toys for Tots drive and church missions Giving Tree childrens gifts. Sometimes it's difficult to know what kind of gift to choose. Here are some considerations to help.
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Royal Oak SOCH 'Spread the Laughs' Comedy Fundraiser with Mark Green

SOCH 'Spread the Laughs V' Homeless Shelter Fundraiser with Mike Green
South Oakland Citizens for the Homeless (SOCH) presents 'Spread the Laughs V' at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI. $30 ticket price includes buffet dinner and comedy of Mark Green, Las Vegas Comedy Festival's 2007 Best Male Entertainer.
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My Personal Bucket List: Supporting Fair Trade to Empower the Needy

Top 10 Bucket List Ideas
"Bucket List" has become a word for "list of things to do before you die, or 'kick the bucket.'" Cancer patients Carter (Morgan Freeman) and Edward (Jack Nicholson ) coined the term in The Bucket List movie. Here are my top 10 bucket list ideas.
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Make a School Supplies Kit for Children in Need

Back-to-School Shopping: Donate a School Supplies Kit for Those in Need
School supplies are pricey, but happily for most Americans, we live in a country where we can find great prices on back to school supplies. Not all nations enjoy free public education. How about making a back to school supplies kit for a child in need?
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Free Printable World Hunger and Poverty Lesson Plans: Climate Change

Free Printable Social Studies and Science World Poverty Lesson Plans: Climate Change Teachunicef.org is the lesson plan database of UNICEF. UNICEF has many lesson plans and educator resources for social studies, science and geography. Here is a free printable unit on Climate Change to explore world poverty and hunger. Read More

Highland Estates Coffee Traders Vending Machines Sell Responibly Grown Coffee

Highland Estates Coffee Traders Vending Machines Sell Responsibly Grown Coffee
I don't like vending machines nor especially, vending machine coffee. In fact, rarely do I even like restaurant coffee. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only is Highland Estates Coffee Traders coffee delicious, it's also responsibly grown.
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Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF-You Still Can

Remember Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF? Opportunities for Participate
Most of us have happy Halloween and trick-or-treat memories: cool costumes, candy, parties. My favorite part of trick-or-treat was getting to carry a little orange box to collect pennies for UNICEF. Do you remember 'trick-or-treat for UNICEF?
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Volunteer Ideas for College Majors and High School Volunteer Credit

Volunteer Ideas for Education Majors
Volunteer opportunities abound but the following volunteer programs allow education majors to obtain hands-on teaching practice. Read more for some great volunteer ideas! Read More

How to Raise Generous Caring Kids

How to Raise Streetwise Kids: Safe and Fearful vs. Open and Vulnerable?
'Street wise' or 'Street smart' is an old expression meaning, 'savvy to the ways of living on the streets and those who dwell there.' Must we choose between kids be 'safe and fearful' or 'open and vulnerable?'
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ADA: Should Obese People Get Handicapped Priveleges?

1990 ADA Revisited: Should Obesity Qualify People for Americans with Disabilities Act Benefits?
In 1991-1992, I worked on our school's ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) committee to create protocol for the implementation of the ADA. Since those days, the ADA has begun to include obesity as a disability. Should obesity qualify for ADA benefits?
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Giving and Receiving in an Online Writing Community

How to Make Associated Content Work for You: You Get What You Give
Perhaps this is a non-traditional article for a blog on giving, but I've read many threads asking AC for higher upfronts, more ad revenue, Rising Star awards, Best of AC, etc. I've asked AC for things myself. Here's some tricks I learned about giving and receiving in online forums and writing venues, like AC. Sources: common sense and practicality.
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Mud Volleyball Tournament to Support Epilepsy Foundation

Mud Volleyball Tournament Celebrates 25 Years
The 25th Annual Epilepsy Foundation of Central Ohio's Mud Volleyball Tournament is scheduled for July 31, 2010. Register a team to play or sign-up to volunteer.
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Homelessness Awareness Update in Indiana

Services and Programs for Homeless and Hungry in Bloomington, Indiana
Homelessness and hunger are worldwide problems. This is a short list of services and programs available for individuals suffering for these things in Bloomington, Indiana.
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Hair, Fur and Feathers Donations for Gulf Oil Spill

Hair, Fur, Fleece, Feathers, Nylons Donations for BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
The BP (British Petroleum) oil well explosion has been leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of 5,000-70,000 barrels per day. BP is using toxic Corexit to 'dissipate' the oil. Are there safe oil spill clean up methods? Yes. Hair, fur and nylons.
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50+ Mother's Day Gifts Under $10

Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts Under $10
Mother's Day, the second Sunday of May, often finds loved ones long on love, but short on cash. How can you honor your mother and show her that you care when the pennies already being pinched? Here are dozens of great gift ideas for mom under $10.
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Why I am a Vegetarian; Solidarity with the Poor

Why Am I a Vegetarian? Health Benefits, Weight Loss, Consumerism, Solidarity with the Poor
For my Lent observances this year, I gave up eating meat. By Easter, I was very comfortable with a meatless diet and decided to become a vegetarian. Here's why: health benefits, weight loss, environmental issues and solidarity with the poor.
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Free Printable Holy Week Activities, Coloring, Crafts

Free Printable Holy Week Activities I've been combing the internet for free printable Holy Week activities. Here are links to 100+ free printable coloring pages,word searches, crossword puzzles, cryptograms, games and crafts for Holy Week and Easter. Read More

Best Inexpensive Confirmation Gifts

Gift-Giving Guides: Best Religious Confirmation Gifts for Teens
Several Christian denominations celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation. The confirmand is confirmed by the Holy Spirit. It is customary to give gifts as a token of remembrance. Here are reasonably priced gift suggestions.
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Free Printable Easter Cards

Free Printable Secular Easter Cards: Lovely Artwork!
Save money and send Easter greeting with these free printable Easter cards. Review of websites with free printable secular Easter cards. Free. Nothing to download. Safe for your computer.
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