Pet Owners, Animal Care Workers Beware of Jerky Treats

Jerky treats have been causing pets to get sick. Since 2007, 580 pet deaths have been linked to jerky-style pet treats. 3,600 dogs and 10 cats have gotten sick from eating the snacks. The US Food and Drug Administration has been testing to see what's causing the illnesses and deaths. They've run 1,200 tests and still no conclusions. Pet owners, if you love your kitty or doggie, don't give jerky snacks. Jerky Treats Sicken and Kill Pets FDA Looks at Why

Free Printable Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Activities

Want cut and paste Thanksgiving crafts for kids? Or free printable holiday crafts for classroom, homeschool, day care, scouts or church groups? Print turkey, pilgrims, harvest, pumpkins for Thanksgiving cut and paste crafts. Keep busy hands and minds active making decorations, coloring pages, place cards, Thanksgiving greeting cards and thank-you notes.

Here are websites that allow you to print free with the click of your mouse. Nothing to download, no registration or user ID. You can request to be put on free email mailing lists; keep up to date with all the wonderful crafts and cut and paste activities available. You might even have some activities to contribute.Free Printable Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Activities 

I Thought America Was a Melting Pot--What's this About Illegals?

I'm hearing this term "illegals" a lot from my fellow Americans. It's meant to reference those who have entered the US illegally. But I don't get it. How can you call a person "illegal?" Does their very existence violate some human code?

And in America, the "great melting pot" that makes no sense. But then Americans tend toward reactionary extremism. We think patriotism means waving a flag or saying the Pledge of Allegiance. We proclaim to support our troops yet stand by while they have to fight for benefits. We know less about US history than immigrants. Our national holidays are just beer drinking blasts. We're fellow Americans only as it suits our purpose. We're ethnocentric while bashing each other's background (see this post I wrote).  Who Are These Illegals You Speak of? I Thought America Was a Melting Pot

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