Lenten Rice Bowl Devotional and Lesson Planner

Catholic Relief Services is the single largest non-governmental relief agency in the world. Each year at Lent CRS initiates what is called 'Operation Rice Bowl'. Operation Rice Bowl is a program which focuses our attention on the cardinal aims of the Lenten season: prayer, fasting and alms-giving.
The Rice Bowl project consists of a cardboard box which when assembled, looks very much like the take out boxes that rice comes in. The Rice Bowl is a box which families set up in their homes during Lent to collect loose change and offerings for the poor and hungry of the world. Operation Rice bowl also includes a Lenten prayer calendar with devotional activities, feast days and stations of the cross. Each calendar day has a prayer focus. Specific information about world poverty statistics and needs from around the world are listed also.  Lenten Rice Bowl Devotional and Lesson Planner 

Invisible Children's 'Kony 2012' Film Eye-Opening, but Limited

"Invisible Children" refers to kids in northern Uganda who live in hiding to avoid being abducted by warlord Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). Jason Russell and a group of college friends traveled to Uganda and met some of the "invisible children," says Forbes.

From their experiences grew a film called "Kony 2012" that is sweeping the nation. Its message is to "stop at nothing" to get Kony out of power and to free the children who live in bondage to a ruthless killing machine. The film is eye-opening, compelling and heart-rending. Read more at Invisible Children's 'Kony 2012' Film Eye-Opening, but Limited 

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