Lenten and Easter Almsgiving Activity

As Catholic homeschoolers education focused around the liturgical year in our family. Holy Week is the pinnacle of the church year. We practice lenten virtues of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, in solidarity with our Lord and in preparation for our Easter celebration. In our homeschool career, we explored many avenues of sacrifice and service. One simple activity became very meaningful. We are fortunate to live near several mission-type sites which provide immediate care and help to those in need. Our church twins with a parish in Haiti. Many Staples outlets gather school supplies. Using these resources we made lenten care kits.Lenten and Easter Activity 

Adult Homeless Shelters, Rescue Missions, Warming Centers in Detroit

According to Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, over 18,000 people are homeless in Detroit. 30 percent of that number are chronically homeless. Most face other issues: abuse, physical disability, mental challenges, addiction, poverty, joblessness and illness. Fortunately, there are agencies to help. Here are rescue missions, homeless shelters and transitional housing programs for adults. Most all provide or connect clients with food, shower and laundry facilities, education, medical needs, counseling, employment and substance abuse treatment.  Adult Homeless Shelters, Rescue Missions, Warming Centers in Detroit

Teaching Children About Lent and Fasting

In the Catholic church, Ash Wednesday kicks off the penitential season of Lent. During Lent, we fast, pray and give alms to the needy, to prepare our hearts for Easter Sunday. Whether you're Catholic or not, there's a lot to be learned from these disciplines, especially for children. Here are tips to teach children about Lenten fasting. This Q-and-A guide will also help non-Catholic children understand what their Catholic classmates are doing and why.  Teaching Children About Lent and Fasting

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