NASCAR and Indy Cars Raise Relief Funds for Haitian Earthquake

Haiti Relief Fund Fueled by Motorsports Racing Community
NASCAR and Indy Car race teams, sponsors and fans are fueling Haiti relief fund raising efforts by joining forces with trustworthy charity organizations. At present, the motorsports community has donated over $2 million to Haiti relief organizations.
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Florida Foodies and Stage 84 Florida Unite to Help in Haiti

Florida Foodies Unite to Raise Money for Haiti Disaster Relief Fund
Throughout the state of Florida, restaurant owners, chefs, staff members, food purveyors and patrons are uniting to raise money and organize food drives for the Haiti Disaster Relief Fund.
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Haitian Earthquake Relief Update: Med Wish International Aids Haitian Relief Efforts

Med Wish International: Making Wishes Come True for More Than Ten-Thousand Haitians
For the last two weeks, Med Wish International has been focused on the Haiti Relief Effort. Read on to learn more...
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Haitian Earthquake Relief Update: Ways to Donate

Haiti Earthquake Victims : Alternative Ways to Help
Do you wish that you could do more for the Haiti Earthquake Victims? Here are some ways to help even if you do not have enough cash of your own to donate.
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Haitian Earthquake Relief Update: 5 Great Charities to Donate to

Helping Haiti: Five Great Charities to Donate Through
The first earthquake in Haiti was bad enough. An estimated 200,000 dead and 1.5 million people homeless on this little nation broke the heart of the world. As of January 19th, 2010 a 6.1 aftershock only brought more pain.
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LGBT Cruises Donate Tens of Thousands for Haitian Earthquake Relief Funds

Historic LGBT Effort for Haiti
A historic LGBT effort for Haiti has been created by gay and lesbian cruise companies.
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Should We Donate to Haitian Earthquake 2010 Relief Efforts?

Does the 2010 Haitian Earthquake Merit Our Donations?
The Haitian earthquake of January 2010 comes at a time when many in the U.S. feel battered and bruised by the economic turmoil of the past year. Should we help Haiti now?
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'Hoops for Haiti' UK Wildcats Play for Haiti

"Hoops for Haiti"---Coach Cal, UK Wildcats, Ashley Judd and More Support Haiti Relief Effort
A "Hoops for Haiti" telethon hosted by University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari scores big. It's $1 million dollars and counting for Haiti earthquake relief.
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Help Haiti: No Money? Can't Donate Blood? Volunteer at Red Cross Blood Drive

Not Eligible to Donate Blood for Haiti? Volunteer with the Red Cross
Donating blood is one way to support the Red Cross in the ongoing relief efforts being supplied to earthquake victims in Haiti. What if you don't meet the requirements to donate blood? Find other opportunities to volunteer with the Red Cross.
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Help Haiti: No Money? Give Life~Donate Blood

Donating Blood for Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort
Donations of blood and medical supplies are pouring into Haiti as quickly as logistics will allow, and those supplies will need to be replenished as they are exhausted. If you have no way to assist financially, donate blood and give the gift of life.
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Haitian Earthquake Relief: Free Ways to Donate

Free Ways to Help Haitian Earthquake 2010 Survivors
If you are like me, you hear about a natural disaster, like Earthquake 2010 in Haiti and want to help. But money is tight and while you know Haitians need help, your bills must still be paid. Did you know that there are free ways to help in Haiti?
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Haitian Earthquake Relief: How to Involve Children in Giviing

How to Involve Kids in Helping Haiti Earthquake Victims
The Haiti earthquake victims need assistance and that means from anyone able-bodied. Kids can help with many volunteer tasks and donation efforts and it's never too early to teach a good lesson. Here are some great ways parents and teachers can involve kids in helping Haiti earthquake victims.
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Haiti Earthquake Tragedy

Haiti's Earthquake Tragedy
Haiti's tragic earthquake may have created world shock, but once again, humanity is proving its worth in the spirit of giving and assistance.
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Ways to Donate Money Without Spending Money

Free Donations that Cost Nothing
There are more charities in need of help than I have money for. If you're looking to donate money but lack funds, here are free donations that cost no money. Originally, I wrote this about the earthquake in Haiti, but these tips apply to any relief effort charity or mission work.  There are other ways to donate besides  writing a check.
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Aftershock Earthquakes Continue to Rock Haiti

Haiti Experiences 6.1 Aftershock Moments Ago
Another aftershock hit Haiti just moments ago at approximately 6:05 NY time on January 20, 2010. The earthquake registered a magnitude of 6.1 on the Richter scale.
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Disabled Earthquake Survivors Face Overwhelming Challenges

Disabled Survivors of Haiti Earthquake Face Overwhelming Challenges
The people of Haiti face many challenges after last week's massive earthquake, but the challenges are even greater for people with disabilities.
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Parenting Through Tragedy; Teaching Children about Haiti

Parenting Through Tragedy: Why Children Need to Learn About the Haiti Earthquake
Parenting through tragedy is difficult. However, it also is necessary. Haiti was recently hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that caused indescribable destruction. Is it right to teach children about such a horrible event?
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How to Help Haiti When You Don't Have Money to Help

Help in Haiti Even If You Can't Donate Money
Many Haiti relief organizations are accepting donations of items that are needed in Haiti. You can donate a few of these items even when you can't donate money to help those in Haiti.
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Safe Water Nexus in East Tennessee Provides Safe Drinking Water for Haitians

Safe Water Nexus in East Tennessee Provides Disaster Relief for Haiti
Safe Water Nexus is taking donations to help aid in Haiti after the earthquake. Matt Chambers explains what Safe Water Nexus is doing to help in Haiti.
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Community Efforts to Help in Haiti

Snapshot of Community Efforts to Help Haiti Quake Survivors and Family
Communities across the nation are rallying to assist victims of the Haiti earthquake. Here is a glimpse into how some Washington, D.C., organizations are helping.
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Haitian Relief Efforts Update: We're all on One Team- Team Humanity

Haiti Reminds Us We're on One Team: Team Humanity
The Haiti earthquake reminds us that we are all members of one team: team humanity.
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Haiti Amputee Surge: What Will Happen to the 1,000s of Amuptees

Haiti's Amputee Surge: Rehab, Prosthesis, Attitude Challenges in the Earthquake Recovery
Doctors expect a surge in the number of Haitian amputees as the result of earthquake related limb crushing injuries, possibly as many as 200,000.
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Writing for Haiti: Inside Associated Content's Community Content Drive

Writing for Haiti: Inside Associated Content's Community Content Drive
Associated Content writers are contributing their services to raise funds for Haiti, composing over 300 unique articles to date.
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