Bargains, More Importantly Blessings at Fair Trade Christmas Sale

I helped with our fair trade/direct trade Christmas sale at church Saturday. We didn't have nearly the traffic we had last year, but weather was treacherous and cold. I'm hoping that's the reason. And not that people prefer junk stuff produced by slave labor in exploited countries. Sorry, I get ranty about fair trade. And I admit, it's not easy. That's why I felt so good about this sale.   Bargains and Blessings at Our Fair Trade Christmas Sale

Advent Calendar Service Project Craft

Many of us parents have found Christmas to be about receiving not giving with our children. It's not that kids are selfish, it's that marketing campaigns bombard them with products to want. Who can blame kids for wanting all that cool stuff? To say, 'you're selfish' to a child is to state an obvious, but not necessarily negative fact. Telling them not to desire is pointless.  It's part of how children learn to meet their own needs. We can give them opportunities to practice giving, sharing too though, especially at Advent. Here's an advent calendar craft with sharing opportunities.Advent Math, Writing Project Craft

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