How to Choose a Senior Care Facility

Using the LRE Principle to Choose Senior Housing or a Care Facility
Caring for senior citizens is a delicate issue.You want the best care for your loved one. Yet you don't want to put unnecessary restrictions on them. Here's are guide for choosing the best care that gives the most freedom.
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Christmas Holiday Shopping Guide

How to Get What You Want for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List and Not Go Broke
Over 20 tips to stay out of financial hot water this holiday season and still get what you want to get for everyone.
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Operation Christmas Child- Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan's Purse - Operation Christmas Child
Samaritan's Purse, a global Christian relief organization hosts an annual Christmas gift collection drive called Operation Christmas OCC delivers gift boxes to children around the world. Want to participate? It's easy! Here's how.
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Advent Calendar Giving Craft

Advent Math, Writing Project Craft
Cute, handmade Advent calendar craft. Focus on giving this holiday season. Teach math, writing, world cultures and social studies. Great way to encourage giving. Each day of advent, children open a window on their handmade calendar. Each day lists simple giving or service activities. Explore countries and pray for needs.
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Reach Out: Parents of Handicapped Children

Support for Special Needs Children: Autism, Aspergers, Tourette's Syndrome and Other Emotional Impairments
Do you have a child diagnosed with Autism, Asberger Syndrome, Tourette's Syndrome or other emotional impairment? Then you need resources and support. Read on for information about help for your child and yourself.
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Scholastic Gives Free Books!

Free Back-to-School Teaching Materials for Teachers and Home School Families
Home schooling families can take advantage of free school supplies, teaching materials, books, resources, games, posters, kits, hands-on activities and much more from Scholastic!Scholastic will also donate 100 books to domestic and overseas missions. Each time your family or classroom reads 100 books, Scholastic donates 100 books! Very easy way to give!
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Gifts for Senior Citizens, Shut-ins and Home-bound

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens (Especially the Homebound)
Large variety and price selection of gifts for those senior citizens. Special focus on those who are home-bound or have special needs. Give sensitive, thoughtful, useful gifts that are fun, too!View more »

Healthy Halloween Treat Alternatives

50 Candy Alternative Halloween Treats
50 Ideas for replacement treats and prizes and novelties to give as a substitute for Halloween candy. Use for Trick-or-Treating, classroom, business, organization and other Halloween treat give-aways. These ideas are not costly.
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Darfur High Efficiency Stoves

Save Lives in Darfur with the Berkeley Green High-Efficiency Cookstove
Do you feel that stab of pain when you see the suffering Sudanese in Darfur? Want an easy, inexpensive fast way to help? The Berkeley cook stove, made locally by Sudanese, is a high efficiency tool that is saving lives. Here's how...
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Check out The Hunger Site to participate in this project. Perfect for classrooms, religious education, homeschool groups, scout troops and individual families.

Donation Sites and Holiday Household Purge

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Re-Sell, Remove
Tips for complete household purge. Perfect project for before Christmas! Donation sites listed. Recommendations for the best donation sites. Tx deductible. and clean-up
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Post Hurricane Shrimpers Dilemma

Post-Katrina New Orleans Shrimpers Compete Against Foreign Shrimp
Post-Katrina, Fay, Gustav, Hanna Louisiana still very much in need of recovery measures. As if things weren't bad enough, LA shrimpers must compete with cheap tariff free foreign shrimp. Boycott Asian shrimp and buy American shrimp from Louisiana. Help our fellow Americans get back on their feet. Eat better shrimp, too!
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International Aid Rescues the World

International Aid in Spring Lake, MIInternational Aid in Spring Lake Michigan is a global relief agency and one of the largest of its kind. International Aid. Many hospitals, medical centers and doctors offices and pharmacies donate medical supplies, equipment to International Aid. The facility itself is over a city block long and several stories high. Computer equipment, wheel chairs, crutches, medical monitoring devices, and all forms of medical devices are collected, repaired and made ready for shipment when needed in crisis. Groceries, clothing, medicines and health products are donated to International Aid. Read more about IA

Free Lesson Plans on World Poverty, Printables

How to Raise Student Awareness and Sensitivity for Global Issues
guide to lesson plans and activities to raise students awareness and promote sensitivity to world hunger, poverty, inadequate health care, literacy and environmental issues.
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Best Gifts for Children's Charities and Overseas Missions

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Children's' Charities
Issues to consider in charitable gift-giving. Gift suggestions that work well for anonymous giving. Best gifts for children overseas and local Christmas giving trees. View more »

Free Ways to Help the Needy from your PC

6 Clicks a Day Can Keep Suffering at Bay
Review of 6 linked sites which are sponsored by advertisers who will donate goods and services based upon the number of clicks. Sites provide food for the hungry, medical care and books for children, mammograms, animal rescues and rain forest preservation. View more »

Almsgiving Activity for Lent, Advent

Almsgiving Activity for Lent School, family, home-school or CCD activity to boost awareness of poverty and raise money creatively. Perfect or Lent, Advent, mission projects. View more »

Putting Shoes on the Feet of the World

Like Crocs Shoes? Donate Your Worn-Out Crocs to Be Recycled into New Shoes for Our Neighbors Around the World is collecting worn-out and used Croc Shoes and recycling them into new shoes for needy folks around the world! Find out what it's all about and how you can help!
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