Free Summer Enrichment Activities for Kids from A-Z

School is out and students are rejoicing! But parents are often concerned about a long summer with no study. The problem is compounded If you have a child who is lagging academically. Summer school is an option, but most children balk about school work in the summer. Tutoring centers are costly and many parents lack the time to tutor children at home. How can you ensure that your child's academic progress is not thwarted by three months away from school? Don't despair; here are 26 summer educational enrichment tips from A-Z.  A-Z Ways to Continue Your Child's Education Through the Summer Months

Easy, Cheap Graduation Open House Recipes for Budget Parties

Oh, oh! You put off planning that graduation open house until the last minute. Or maybe you've been thinking about it for months and can't decide what to serve? Maybe you just need some quick, easy recipes for your graduation open house buffet. Here are 25+ easy recipes to for a festive (cheap) open house spred. These can be used for wedding receptions, bridal showers, baby showers, first Communion receptions and other celebrations. 20+ Graduation Open House Food Recipes

On Mother's Day, It's Gifts That Count

Mother's Day looms (hint, second Sunday in May, May 11 for 2014--don't forget) and last-minute Lisas and Larrys will be grabbing flowers and candy. I know, your mom always says "Don't worry about presents, Honey. It's the thought that counts." Well, as a mother, I say, nope. It's the gift that counts. Now don't award me "Most Selfish Mom" till you've read me out. Click here to do that. For Mother's Day, It's the Gift That Counts

Non-Profit Wish Lists for Year-Round Giving

Winter is particularly hard on the homeless and those in need. And 2014 was a terrible winter in Michigan. In Detroit, cold temperatures send many to shelters and missions. Agency resources get depleted more quickly during the holidays. Here are wish lists of needed items at Metro Detroit nonprofit organizations. In spring, many missions find themselves short of resources. Here's a list of shelter needs, to keep giving going year-round. Holiday Wish Lists for Detroit Nonprofits

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