Halloween party ideas at home for sick kids, anti-Halloween, trick or treat alternatives

Halloween is one of most kids' top two favorite holidays. Some children plan their Trick or Treat costumes months in advance. So what happens when your child is too ill to go trick-or-treating? Or maybe you have a child with dietary restrictions or allergies? Or, what if you don't observe Halloween as a family, but don't want kids to miss out on the fun. 

Why not plan a Halloween party at home? Here are not-too-scary Halloween activities for an at-home party. Use these tips if you can't or don't want to do door-to-door trick-or-treating. These Halloween party ideas are homemade, easy, cheap (or free) and flexible. Adapt them to your needs. Anti-Halloween parents, bypass it by throwing a fun fall party. Either way, these ideas are great workarounds. 

Trick or treat indoors or have a backyard candy hunt. Kiddies too sick to go out? Maybe it's raining on Halloween? Or perhaps you live in an area that isn't kid-friendly. No problem. Hide candy around the house, apartment, patio or backyard, as you would at Easter with Easter eggs. Or skip candy and hide little toys. Children can still put their costumes on if they wish. Or let them help pass out candy. Take videos for happy family memories.

Make a mini-scary family movie. There are plenty of Halloween movies to rent, but why not make your own at home? Narrate a Halloween story or act out a play. Make silly commercials for Halloween candy to accompany your funny, not-too-scary Halloween film. Ask kids to write the script. Older kids will love playing filmmaker, makeup person, special effects gal and stunt coordinator. The sick kid can be the director and tell everyone else what to do. Make spooky sounds: rattle popcorn in an aluminum can for rain. Run the vacuum over the floor for thunder. Turn the lights on and off for lightning. Have kids incorporate their costumes into the plot.

Put on a puppet show. Here's where the recycle bin comes in handy. Children can decorate old socks, cardboard cereal boxes and paper bags as puppets. They might write their own spooky story and act it out. An overturned card table covered with a cloth makes a great puppet theater.

Check out these links for free printable Halloween crafts. Print out Halloween masks, spooky origami, kirigami (cut-paper crafts), cut and paste paper hats and toys, coloring pages, mazes, puzzles, word search, crossword, Sudoku and hidden pictures. Make an activity booklet for the sick kids. Fill a shoebox with scissors, glue stick, crayons, tape and printed craft projects. He can make "couch crafts" at home. Make cards for senior citizens.

Serve fun Halloween party treats at home! Bob for apples. Toast marshmallows over the stove. Make popcorn and cocoa. Serve donuts and cider. Make a family pizza. Decorate Halloween cookies. Invent funny monsters from cut veggies. Share some with a lonely next door neighbor or senior friend (when the sick kids are well!)

Carve your pumpkins! Here are free printable pumpkin carving stencils. Your Halloween party at home may be the most memorable ever. Your kids may demand to nix Trick or Treat and do a party every year!

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