Best Spiritual, Religious Confirmation, Baptism Gifts for Teens

Several Christian denominations, Catholic, Episcopalian and Lutheran most notably, celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation. In confirmation, the 'confirmand' (confirmation candidate) is anointed with oil and 'sealed with the Holy Spirit'. The confirmand is confirmed by the Holy Spirit and becomes a full, adult member of the parish. Most parishes prepare teenagers to receive the sacrament of Confirmation sometime between eighth and tenth grade. Another confirmed adult, other than a parent, acts as sponsor to the confirmand.

A confirmation sponsor's role is similar to that of godparent. It is customary for friends, family and sponsors to give a gift to the confirmand. The gift need not be large or costly, but rather a token of remembrance. Here is a list of reasonably priced gift suggestions for Confirmation. These suggestions work well for any spiritual life event or celebration including baptism, first holy communion and bat or bar mitzvah,  Read more at  Gift-Giving Guides: Best Religious Confirmation Gifts for Teens

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