Volunteering is Just That, A Gift of Free Time and Service

Whenever there's a call for volunteers, my hand is usually the first up. Well, it used to be till I wised up. Don't get me wrong. Volunteer work is still important to me. I'm just choosier about what I agree to help with. It has to meet my criteria.

* Do they really need help? I volunteered to chaperon a dance after reading how desperate they were for help. Got there and just stood around. The organizer had gotten a better response than expected and didn't bother to tell anyone so they could decide if they really had time. Read on.   Volunteering is Just That

Lenten Kitchen Waste Not Want Not Vegetarian Chili

Today was refrigerator clean-out, leftover use-up day. Buried under five feet of snow and ice, I made what I call Chili Today and Hot Tamale. Just right to thaw my frozen husband who's been scrapping ice all morning. This recipe is vegetarian, low calorie and easy on my diet. And it makes a perfect addition to my online Lenten Kitchen recipe collection. During lent Catholics fast so they can live in solidarity with the poor and imitate Christ. We eat simple foods that are similar to those eaten in disadvantaged countries.   Vegetarian Chili Today and Hot Tamale--Low Calorie, Too!

Give the Gift of Life--Drive Safely

Michigan's weather is redefining itself yet gain. From 2 degrees and -25 wind chill, we're at 32 degrees--freezing point. I told my daughter who quipped, "if that's freezing, what have we been having all winter?" Good question. 32 is the point at which water freezes. So anything slightly above, below or just at and we get a nasty "wintry mix." AKA, half-freezing rainy snow that melts and refreezes back and forth as temps ping-pong. It was this kind of weather that caused me to get in an accident last year. So please, give the gift of life. Put the phone down. Drive safely! Read on  Rising Temperatures Mean Wintry Mix, Bad Roads

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