Make a School Supplies Kit for Children in Need

Back-to-School Shopping: Donate a School Supplies Kit for Those in Need
School supplies are pricey, but happily for most Americans, we live in a country where we can find great prices on back to school supplies. Not all nations enjoy free public education. How about making a back to school supplies kit for a child in need?
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Free Printable World Hunger and Poverty Lesson Plans: Climate Change

Free Printable Social Studies and Science World Poverty Lesson Plans: Climate Change is the lesson plan database of UNICEF. UNICEF has many lesson plans and educator resources for social studies, science and geography. Here is a free printable unit on Climate Change to explore world poverty and hunger. Read More

Highland Estates Coffee Traders Vending Machines Sell Responibly Grown Coffee

Highland Estates Coffee Traders Vending Machines Sell Responsibly Grown Coffee
I don't like vending machines nor especially, vending machine coffee. In fact, rarely do I even like restaurant coffee. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only is Highland Estates Coffee Traders coffee delicious, it's also responsibly grown.
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Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF-You Still Can

Remember Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF? Opportunities for Participate
Most of us have happy Halloween and trick-or-treat memories: cool costumes, candy, parties. My favorite part of trick-or-treat was getting to carry a little orange box to collect pennies for UNICEF. Do you remember 'trick-or-treat for UNICEF?
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