Free Printable Photo Frame Crafts, Picture Frames Kids Can Make

The holiday season is fast-approaching, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Or maybe you celebrate another winter holiday--Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Epiphany? One thing these have in common is that they usually involve gift-giving. Parents, looking for gifts children can make for holiday giving? How about homemade photo frames for school pictures? Here are links for free printable photo frame crafts.Free Printable Photo Frame Crafts, Picture Frames Kids Can Make


Dieting, Losing Weight, Eating Less Helps Others, Too

I've lost 100 pounds that I put on in a long-term bout of depression. That's me right at my heaviest in 2010 and right is summer, 2014.  I'm writing a series of +How-I-lost-weight tips. I used an assortment of methods to get the weight off, the biggest being just plain eating less. And I realized that by dieting, counting calories, eating less, I'm not only doing myself a favor, I'm helping others. I have more money to share now that I'm buying less food. Here's a tip on how to eat less.Diet Tip Wait 10 Minutes Before Eating More

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