National Grandparents Day: Happy Grandparents Day to Gaga (and Mama) with love

Possibly the greatest gift we give is our gift of self. Here's a piece about how my mom (and grandma to my kids) has given of herself through 24 years of having grandkids. It's written in honor of Grandparents Day. Why not write your own grandparents tribute? If you don't have any, write it to a senior friend.

"Dear Mama, With National Grandparents Day approaching, I'm taking a walk down memory lane. I'm celebrating the joy you've brought to our lives, especially to your four grandchildren. You've been "Gaga" for 22 years, since Molly Cate (the eldest and ringleader) dubbed you that at age 2. She had other grandmas, but only one Gaga (or Gagi when she was feeling silly). To this day, you sign the kids' cards "love, Gaga." Read more. National Grandparents Day: Happy Grandparents Day to Gaga (and Mama) with love

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