Soda Ban for Food Stamps Recipients--Violations of Rights or Common Sense?

Food stamps will no longer be used for soda pop or sugary beverages, if 18 big-city mayors get their way. Leaders including NYC's Michael Bloomberg who has long-opposed soda, are pushing for limits. Ostensibly, they're doing it to curb the nation's obesity problem. I've got mixed feelings on this. Of course bevvie makers are objecting. But that's profit-motivated, more than anything. My humanitarian self says you can't legislate morality (or lifestyle, dietary choice). It's also a little shame-based and patronizing. But the big picture is, we taxpayers are funding unhealthy habits. We have a right to object to misuse of our money. We have a say in how it's spent. Soda Ban for Food Stamps Recipients--Violations of Rights or Common Sense?

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