Teach Kids Social Skills, Encourage them To Form a Club

Sharing this great idea that my daughter came up with. She writes for Bubblews and this is her idea for a club she'd like to start. She explains "I want to start a club. My friend started one and its time I start my own. At school, one of my teacher has shown interest in starting a club with me. We had considered forming a Star Wars club because we are both massive Star Wars fans. However, there wouldn't be a lot to do in the club so I have created a new idea for a club. A conspiracy theorist club."

Okay first that's just a really cool idea. Second, joining clubs are a great way for kids to connect and get involved. Third, starting a club helps kids learn organization, social skills,  motivational and public speaking and self-advocacy. Fourth, a conspiracy theories club--educational, creative and fun! Does my heart proud to call her "daughter." Conspiracy Theorist Club

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