Colombia cop Luisa Urrea breastfed abandoned baby: Breastfeeding saves newborn

Breastfeeding moms, get your tissues ready, because this story is going to touch your maternal instincts. Dads, you'll need your hankies, too. Heck, everybody gather round for a good cry. A Colombia cop breastfed an abandoned baby to save the infant's life. Yahoo! News reported on Jan. 14, that police officer Luisa Urrea literally nursed the newborn infant back to health, after the little one was discovered in a remote forest of Colombia. What was a newborn baby doing in the backwoods of Colombia alone? No one is really sure but a local woman, Edinora Jimenez who was out picking oranges, found her in the undergrowth. Jimenez heard the abandoned baby crying and called the authorities.   Colombia cop Luisa Urrea breastfed abandoned baby: Breastfeeding saves newborn |

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