Cats are better pets than dogs: Paws up for kitties on World Cat Day

 Purr, purr, August 8 is World Cat Day, says Fox 2 Now, so it's paws up for kitties. Do you like pets? There are a lot of reasons not to. Pets poop, pee and have pooping places that have to be cleaned. Pets walk on furniture and lay full length on floors and trip you. Pets sleep on your best blouse and get it all hairy. Pets watch you when you go to the bathroom. Pets scratch on your door to come in when it's closed then they scratch at the door to be let out. Pets have to have expensive surgeries so they don't make more pets. Pets do not blow their noses, wipe their feet or cover their mouths when they sneeze. But having that, cats make better pets than dogs. Here are a gajillion reasons why.Cats are better pets than dogs: Paws up for kitties on World Cat Day - Grand Rapids Holidays |

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