Texans post crude 'home for sale' sign at guy who called cops on barking dogs

A family of Texans posted a crude "home for sale" sign referencing a neighbor guy who called cops on their barking dogs. Good Morning America reported August 14, that James and Lisa Price, of Farmers Branch, Texas, erected a sign in their yard that says "House for sale by owner because my neighbor's a "d--chebag." It stems from a $120 barking dog citation the Price family received which they say is their neighbor's fault. The Prices admit to letting their dogs bark all day. They admit that the neighbor in question has complained and asked them to keep their dogs quiet. They say they've tried to hush their dogs' yapping by keeping them inside.Texans post crude 'home for sale' sign at guy who called cops on barking dogs - Grand Rapids News | Examiner.com


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